Why Korean Sone Cannot Support Jessica
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this is written by a korean sone so we see a slightly different perspective i guess. an incredibly interesting read. which ones do you agree with and which do you call absolute BS on?
it pains me to use the ex-group members tag ;~~~~~~~;

The 10 K-Drama Second Leads That Stole Our Hearts in 2013
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It’s one of the most painful things that can happen when watching a K-drama: falling for the second male lead. Doomed from the start, our love for that frequently more patient, quiet, and nicer guy than the lead only causes heartache and bitter complaints; why doesn’t she choose this guy instead?! At the end, many K-drama fans can only soothe their broken hearts with this offer: “It’s okay. If she doesn’t take you, I will!”

Here is a list of 10 second leads that may have stolen your heart this year. Your blood pressure may rise again as you relive the angst of not seeing them end up with their hearts’ desires, but keep cool- there has to be a fanfic out there to live out that fantasy for you.

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Which second lead in a K-drama stole your heart this year?

Source : Soompi

Definitely Choi Young Do !! What's this with not being traditionally good looking btw? He's handsome, period. No need for any strange Korean beauty standards. Although I couldn't stand his character for like the first 15 episodes, towards the end I really liked him *sigh* But, she shouldn't have ended up with him imo. And it's a Korean drama afterall. The mains always end up together....

Christmas Present from Wonshik Shidae
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best present ever tbh

Okay, this really made me laugh xD I can actually dance this one so I know they're doing it wrong (on purpose) but ain't it adorable :D !?
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I achieved one of my life's dreams
I'm going. I can't believe I'm really going there.

November 9th marks the day, I'll have seen them for the first time in real life. I gave up hope when I found out about it as I was sure I would never be allowed to go there. My parents decided otherwise in the end. 10 minutes before my dream would have been crashed. They gave permission.

Step one of three accomplished. The other two will get me in some troubles in the next days.

The thing I need the most now is money...and a lightstick. Definitely a lightstick. When I'll hold one in my Hands you can consider me the happiest person on earth. I know that everytime I need something to cheer me up, I can take it out and look at it - reminiscing the experience and thinking of them . I will instantly feel better.

Who is them? My superman, my babies, my confusing dorks... :'D


My destiny.

Vamos a Barcelona ♫!
Tomorrow our journey starts +.+ Our Long awaited trip to Barcelona (^o^)/ Finally!!

This will be my first trip ever without parents and all of this stuff :) No one who can tell me anything, no camp with supervisors or similar, just me and my sister plus her friend >w<

We will live in our own apartment for the next seven days and try to cook for ourselves as well! I even bring spices and my never ending knowlegde of stupid recipes xD Of course, we will also eat in restaurant along the way and I try to take photos of as many dishes as possible. I may start something like a travel journey for the week but I doN't know if I'll even have internet connection there ;A; What shall I do without internet? No tumblr, twitter, LJ and AFF for one week? You've gotta be kidding, no chance I'd survive that :/ 어떻게 !?

My suitcase still isn't finished though. And I cannot finish it when I still need my bath stuff today and tomorrow. And my parents are annoying. Like seriously, I told them to stop telling us unncecessary things when we actually know them already! Every 10 minutes they feel like 'remembering' us of something and if we'd like to pack this as well...etc..etc....

I have to say goodbye to Maru as well :) I don't know if I should even tell her (socially awkward,anxious,self-conscious me).

That's it for today. Got nothing more to say. I have to re-dye my hair though. But maybe I'll do it myself next time....so the colour can hold longer than 2 hair washes!?

1st week and Lolita
I am watching Eatyourkimchi right now! My first time attending one of their weekly Live Chat's and this just makes me happy :D And Amber from f(x) is also watching xD She ss really a true Nasty ^^! And what is Vegemite? Something to eat on your bread ? Ohmygod, I love when they unpack the fan mail :) The Nasties from all over the world send so many delicious and amazing things, I also want to send/gift them something! But I don't know what to send them and I'm so uncreative ;_; Maybe...later..

My first week of summer vacation passed and somehow it took quite a long time :/ I can't believe [oh, the live stream's over :(] it has only been a week! It feels much more longer than just 7 days....and I just stole our newspaper to do the crossword xD While my friend phoned. But I'm too lazy to do anything today for I'm actually really bored.

The new battery for my laptop arrived today and it's such a weird feeling to not have to charge it continuously Oô It didn't even last 20mins before my computer shut down, again! Now I have glorious 2h40mins without being attached to an energy source - my laptop regained it's original use +.+ My mother must be happy; less electricity consumption aka less costs for her xD

My hair dye washed out quite a lot :( Not as pretty pretty pink like one week ago. No vibrancy ㅋㅋㅋ My blond shines through again - well, and this isn't natural as well xD 100% fake hair colour!

I'm so much into Lolita lately -again- I feel really guilty for abandoning it while being too much immersed in Korean Music (*cough*SJ*cough*). I simply love this style, the clothes are so pretty and cute and I have nothing similar in my wardrobe ;A; Except a Wa-Lolita dress. At least something. I ordered some Tea Parties from a nice girl over at egl-comm-sales and I'm currently waiting for it to arrive *.* I may include it into my daily clothes as well! But I seriously need blouses, JSK's, dress, socks (god, I need those socks), skirts, shoes, bags and better make-up skills ;A; So puuuurettyyy and expensive. I don't have money. Like never. K-Pop makes me poor. Cries. I need money. How about playing 'Lotto'. For a million Euros I'd buy a complete kitchen appliance with everything I need, clothes from my favourite Asian Fashion website, Lolita dress&stuff either directly at the source (yes, I'Ll fly to Japan <3) or through the internet and afterwards I'll visit Seoul. With my 2 friends N. and V.. The rest will be saved.

I'm gonna solve my crossword now. I won't complete it, I never can.
Bye (^ ^)/

Intensified and more pink +.+ plus reminiscing the class time <3
Ahhh, life couldn't be better right now (well, some things here and there, but in general :D)!

My holidays started today! School ended and we had to say farewell to our friends and classmates....I love them. I love this class, E2F :) Awesome people, they all knew what's important in live and aren't such people who get wasted every freaking weekend. And they are super nice. Even the boys and I'm usually the shy one who wouldn't even speak to them.

My table was the best! My dear friend Julia and I sat there - at the beginning involuntarily - but after some time this changed. Actually I kind of meant to sit there, because this one Vietnamese girl, who I knew from that she liked K-Pop and all of this, sat there. Her adorable friend E**a is a girl I grew so attached to, I can't believe it. She is my first friend with an Islamic headscarf and so I learned many new things :) I feel honored that she trusts me so much. The boys, 4 of them in total, are okay. One, E***nne, is simply racist, annoying, ignorant, stupid, immature and despicable. He likes Anime though and so at the beginning he was nice to talk to.
Nowadays he simply annoys the heck out of me and N**. He's air for us now.

But the one I like the most is probably L**as. Best described as the philosophical genius (well he isn't a real genius) with an excellent opinion on everything and even kind! I admire him for being so smart. He's truly enlightened - I like him :) He inspired me to read 'The origin of languages' by Rousseau... oo

N** and V*****ia , though, I'm so gonna miss them ;__;. I didn't imagine us becoming such good friends! Today N** described us as following: 'It's so sad we're going to be separated now! You know, we all listen to the same music, we all love dancing, we have the same opinion on many things, we all want to move to Seoul and we even have the same stature (body-wise you know).' When I said my last good-bye - after long hugs - I made them the typical (Korean) heart-sign over the head <3 I spent so much time with them, we've grown together so much :'). Love you guys <3!

Last - I haven't got much time now; mom phoned, grandma's birthday is today! - my hair is now mostly pink! About 80% *.* And the colour is more vibrant than before! I'm so happy and content right now >.< I suddenly feel more confident than before ;) I should definitely show my cousin, he already wanted to see it back then in December ㅋㅋ

Ehm, good-bye for now!!!

Huge excitement and getting disappointed ㅠㅠ!?
There goes my joy and excitement for my new hair colour -.-
From the beginning I hesitated to even do it, and if, I would go to a hairdresser so my hair would not be a mess.
Well,.... WELL. Here goes my story....

I have pink hair and I seriously love the fact that the colour is finally, after 8 months of yes' and no's, in my hair but I'm annoyed, pissed and have to go there again tomorrow so they can fix it.
What they've done wrong? First of all, they forgot to protect my ears and face with Vaseline - or similar stuff that prevents the colour from leaving stains on your skin. In conclusion, my neck is now pink, my ears don't look better and if the colour won't remove from my scalp by tomorrow morning (after shower), I accuse them of lying >.<

The colour in general is great. I have got nothing to argue about. It may be a bit darker than expected, but it's still super awesome and will fade nonetheless. Purchased at the local hair salon wholesale, I actually had no other choice than to buy Directioners. Rather than using this one, I fancied Manic Panic more but they wouldn't apply it for me (I'm a total noob and wouldn't have dared to try it myself) because they don't have a contract/partnership with them. I was defeated and bought the former. Shade: Flamingo Pink. Not quite the same as MP's Cotton Candy Pink used in combination with Red Hot Passion (credits to Martina <3) but my only chance to get my hair done.

My inspiration initially comes from a wonderful woman I really really love. She's extremely nice and caring - though I've never met her (as anyone I like). Name: Martina Stawski. Occupation: Entertaining us Nasties together with her Dothraki Man Warrior husband Simon with funny videos about life and people in South Korea, as well as Korean music and it's continuously used rooms and props. Her hair is amazing +.+ For reference I'll show you a picture:

This is the hair I longed for; mine looks different, darker and I haven't dyed as much as she has.

So, since I'm not at home tomorrow for I don't know how long, I ordered my mom to call the hair salon and get me a new appointment as soon as possible! I'd have convinced her to do this one way or another xD Stupid school always think it is necessary to have hiking days (look it up, it's something German schools do at the end of every school year) while I hate them since we don't do some fancy, awesome activities. Nope. It's gotta have something educational as it's main reason or else the headmaster won't acknowledge it. This time my class is visiting a scientific university. It would have been great if we had visited an actual lecture, like the real stuff, but no, they rather want us to watch some boring experiments. Wasted time. You know, I'm freaking scared of touching methyl alcohol or muriatic acid ever again!

Lastly, I hope I won't wake up tomorrow and my pillow is pink. Stress isn't good for my skin, I'll have ugly breakouts ㅠㅠ
See you around (^ ^)/

First entry and no clue about everything, as always
Hello Livejournal Community ! :D

My first ever entry here although I know LJ for some years now :) I was always directed here when searching for Lolita outfits, patterns and everything else ^^ My first encounter with a fanfic, a rated fanfic, on this site changed my life though xD I might voluntarily share some info about me for me being a pretty self-conscious and shy girl. Please excuse my awkwardness ㅠㅠ

However, this is me: First things first, I like everything related to Asia, South Korea and Japan to be specific. In consequence, I'm using my free time, which I have way to much from, to learn, primarily, Korean. My Japanese vocabulary originates from all the anime I watch since my elementary school time. This means approximately 8 to 9 years :) Japanese and Korean culture always attracts my attention, as wells as their history, culinary delicacies, people and music.

For about half a year now, I occupy myself with cooking and baking. I watch food channels daily and they amaze me everytime anew. My favourites are 'Sorted Food', a cooking community on YouTube making quick and easy recipes for everyone. I love those guys ;_; My recipes all come from the food blogs I eagerly follow and this does not only bring advantages to my our kitchen. My friends and family are my human guinea pigs who try to give me proper critic and feedback.

I don't do much during the whole - mostly sitting in front my computer and scrolling down my Tumblr dashboard or Twitter. Why? Because I have an unhealthy obsession with some people ;) They're called Super Junior, with an additional batch of Big Bang, a pinch of U-Kiss and B.A.P., plenty of EXO and the list goes on..... ^^' Yes, I love Korean Music. And Japanese. And Chinese. I was bullied because of this. I blame this on society who makes those people think, being different in a slightly extraordinary way, which also includes clothing, is somehting to look down upon to. They don't reach me anymore. Luckily. Still have problems though. I could write an entire essay about my Korean music here, but no. Would take way too long :)

I also love Fashion. Surprising? No. But I honestyl hate the clothes sold in my Country which results in me buying them from overseas - Korea or Japan as a matter of a fact. Thus I love K-Fashion. It's so cute and frilly and girly and pretty and comfortable and not cheap ㅠㅠ Which brings me to my other Obsession: Lolita dresses. I don't know. I've always loved them, always wanted them. But I'm fairly unexperienced and have no orientation at all. I own a Wa-lolita Dress though which I needed urgent coord advice for and luckily this super nice girl helped me out. Her blog's genius and she really knows what's going on in the Lolita community and is totally 'enlightened'.

I might end my rambling here since I want to watch my mother making Tortilla, a spanish dish similar to an omelet, for our international brunch at school tmr (only for French classes kkkk). Ah yes, I'm Spanish. At least half of me. The other half is German. But I don't feel (or live) like the latter. Tomorrow starts the last week for this school term and after six weeks of summer holidays I'll be in the second to last year before I write my final, final exams :( Yes, I'm not really happy about this, I'm scared. What to do with my life !?

I apologize for any grammar mistakes *bows*

Bye, until next time (^ ^)/


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